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What is DAD-CDM?

The Defending Against Disinformation Common Data Model (DAD-CDM) Open Project creates a common data model to close the asymmetrical gap between attackers and defenders in coordinating counter-disinformation efforts across disciplines, sectors, national borders, and spoken languages.

DAD-CDM leverages the existing OASIS STIX standard by creating new disinformation-related objects and relationships in order to better model disinformation threats as well as provide additional recommendations on ways to expand the STIX standard for relevant purposes.

Project outputs will include sets of data objects, taxonomies, data operators, and exchange messages to support robust and secure exchanges of threat and mitigation information. 

Visit DAD-CDM on GitHub: https://github.com/DAD-CDM

View the DAD-CDM FAQ.

How you Benefit

Participating in DAD-CDM provides you with a collaborative platform where experts from various sectors can work together to develop standardized approaches for combating disinformation. This collective effort fosters innovation and ensures that the solutions produced are comprehensive and effective. Participation in the project allows individuals and organizations to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies in the fight against disinformation. 

By contributing to the development of common data models, participants can help establish best practices and frameworks that promote interoperability and information sharing across different systems and stakeholders.

Being part of this OASIS Open Project empowers participants to make a meaningful impact in safeguarding the integrity of information and protecting societies from the harmful effects of disinformation.

Get Involved!

Are you interested in learning more about DAD-CDM or would you like to contribute to our projects? Technical participation is free and open to all developers. We are committed to providing an open and welcoming environment for all contributors. Become a DAD-CDM sponsor to help ensure the success of the project by providing funding for the services the community relies on.


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