DAD-CDM serves as a valuable resource, particularly in the identification and alerting of AI-empowered attacks. Collaborate with other leading organizations to help combat the spread of disinformation and online harms from foreign state actors.

Technical participation is free and open to all developers. That’s why the DAD-CDM relies on a core group of stakeholder organizations whose financial commitment ensures that the initiative stays on track and receives the resources it needs to succeed.

Why should your company become a member?

DAD-CDM is a collaborative community with open governance. By joining DAD-CDM, your company is taking an active role to defend the public sphere from manipulation and harm. You will:

  • Get recognized as part of a global alliance of leaders committed to combating the spread of disinformation and online harms from foreign state actors
  • Identify, counter, and mitigate the influence of AI in propagating disinformation and interference campaigns
  • Develop data exchange standards for normalizing and sharing disinformation and influence campaigns
  • Alert influence operation (IO)-fighting teams worldwide and give them the means to communicate their analyses using a standardized language
  • Ensure the success of the DAD-CDM by helping fund services the community relies on
  • Gain the ability to navigate the intricate terrain of contemporary threats with other industry leaders
  • Help safeguard the integrity of information worldwide
  • Collaborate safely with potential partners and competitors supported by within the solid governance provided by OASIS

As a member, you’ll ensure the success of DAD-CDM by providing funding for the services the community relies on. Your dues will help provide that’s necessary for DAD-CDM's technical administration, IP management, governance, collaboration tools, community support, outreach, event services, and other vital services.

Sponsor Testimonial

  • Samuel Hassine, Co-Founder
    "OASIS Open’s DAD-CDM initiative is a pivotal step forward in addressing the growing challenges of online disinformation, particularly FIMI. At Filigran, we recognize that tackling this multifaceted problem requires collaboration and unified efforts. We’re proud to support a project that not only builds on the trusted foundation of the STIX cybersecurity standard but also fosters real-time, scalable defenses against AI-powered threats, ensuring a more secure and trustworthy digital environment for all."
    Samuel Hassine, Co-Founder
  • Viktoras Daukšas
    “The creation of a common language and model through the DAD-CDM initiative is pivotal for professional FIMI defenders. It significantly enhances our efficiency in responding to FIMI attacks. As the Head of, I am proud to join this initiative that promises to unify and strengthen our efforts against the sophisticated FIMI attacks threatening our information landscape.”
    Viktoras Daukšas
  • Pablo Breuer, Ph.D., Chair
    “The concept of ‘defending’ involves real-time action and strategic planning to confront the threat of disinformation, which poses a significant threat to peace, democracy, and critical policy areas like pandemics and climate change. DAD-CDM offers several advantages, including faster alert sharing, easier response coordination, increased report sharing, and the ability to compare and contrast actor behavior over time. Together, we will create a stronger defense against the spread of disinformation and online harms and help safeguard the integrity of information worldwide.”
    Pablo Breuer, Ph.D., Chair
    DISARM Foundation
  • Danielle Deibler, Co-Founder and CEO
    “In the pursuit of truth and transparency, we are excited to harness the collective power of open-source, guided by the STIX and TAXII standards, to illuminate the shadows cast by information influence operations.”
    Danielle Deibler, Co-Founder and CEO

Membership Benefits

Annual Membership Dues

Premier $70,000
General Sponsor
2,000+ employees $31,500
500-1,999 employees $19,000
100-499 employees $12,500
10-99 employees $6,300
Fewer than 10 employees $2,600
Nonprofit, university, local or non-OECD government $1,300

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