Our Mission

The DAD-CDM open project is dedicated to addressing disinformation and related threats, such as misinformation, influence operations, and foreign information manipulation. Our mission is to defend against these challenges by providing standards and recommendations for real-time response and long-term risk management. By extending the STIX standard and developing open standards, our project aims to facilitate secure exchanges of threat information and promote collective action within the global disinformation defender community.


The DAD-CDM Open Project is guided by its Project Governing Board (PGB) and Technical Steering Committee (TSC), ensuring inclusivity and value for all stakeholders. 

  • Project Governing Board (PGB)

    The PGB offers strategic direction and oversight, comprising representatives from committed DAD-CDM Sponsors under the Entity Contributor Licensing Agreement. Contact us to learn about joining the PGB. View current PGB representatives here

  • Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

    Responsible for day-to-day technical operations, the TSC consists of active developer community members.